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Lortz Manufacturing Company has implemented advanced welding technology program, has been enthusiastically endorsed by Lortz Welding Team. The program emphasizes control of all welding processes to approved welding procedures assuring the highest quality, consistent welding results.

The program involves the purchase of new, latest technology-state of art welding machines each Lortz Welding Associate. The machines are identical and feature:

  • "One touch" weld parameter set up in compliance with qualified weld procedures.

  • Wireless Transmitters for live, "real time" data stream that is being monitored remotely for weld procedure compliance and overall Welder performance

  • Automatic shut down of welding machines when Welder is welding outside of weld procedure parameters

  • Remote programming of weld procedures into each welding machine

  • Multiple Process Capability - GTAW, GMAW, FCAW, SMAW

  • Welding machine self-diagnostics for ease in trouble shooting and minimizing welding machine down time.

Lortz WeldXXellenceThe Lortz Welding Team made of 55 Welding Associates that qualified toASME Section IX and AWS D1.1. The Welding Team is led by Production Team Leader, CWI with 15 years of weld inspection experience.

The Production Welding Team is supported by Welding Engineering Team Leader, BS in Welding Technology, and 30 years experience in all welding disciplines.

The Welding Team is backed up by Quality Team made up of 4 CWI's are Level II inspectors qualified for Visual, Dye Penetrant, Magnetic Particle, Ultrasonic and Radiographic inspection, led by Quality Team Leader, Six Sigma Black Belt, with 15 years experience in Quality Assurance - Operational Excellence.

So when you want assurance of best welding available today…remember… WELDXXELLENCE, exclusive welding program by Lortz Manufacturing, at leader in application of Advanced Welding Technology. montre replique replica horloges kopen