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Metal Expansion Joints

Metal Expansion Joints 101

Expansion joint basics. Metal expansion joint functions, features and materials.


Standard Types

Single | Universal | Pressure Balanced Elbow | Externally Pressurized | Hinged | Gimbaled
Metal Rectangular | Optional Components

Single Metallic Expansion Joints

Single Expansion Joints

The single expansion joint is the most basic configuration. It can be supplied with many options (hinges, flanges, tie rods, gimble, etc) to allow it to be used in most applications. 

Universal Metallic Expansion Joints

Universal Expansion Joints

Universal joints are used in applications with large amounts of lateral movement. Two bellows are connected with a centerspool. The lateral movement is converted into angular deflection of each bellows.

Pressure Balanced Elbow Expansion Joints

Pressure Balanced Elbow Expansion Joints

Pressure balanced elbow joints are used to absorb movements while not exerting pressure thrust on system components.

Externally Pressurized Expansion Joints

Externally Pressurized Expansion Joints

Externally Pressurized expansion joints are used in applications with large axial movement. The outside surface of the bellow(s) is pressurized thus allowing more convolutions without squirm.


Hinged Expansion Joints

Coming Soon

Gimbal Expansion Joints

Gimbal Expansion Joints

Gimbal expansion joints are hinged in two planes to allow angulation in any direction. The gimbal design also prevents pressure thrust forces from being transmitted to adjacent piping or equipment.

Metal Rectangular Expansion Joints

Metal Rectangular

Lortz can fabricate metal rectangular expansion joints from 24” square to any size larger. Metal rectangular expansion joints can be supplied with round, single or double mitered corners.

Optional Components

Optional Components

Two ply testable bellows and monitoring hardware, purge ports, root rings, liners, covers, and more.


Custom Applications

FCCU | Clamshell | Penetration Seal | Turbine Crossover | Steam Extraction | Ducting & Piping Integrated

FCCU Expansion Joints

Fluid Catalytic Cracker Unit expansion joints present a variety of design challenges. FCCU expansion joints are highly engineered joints capable of handling high temperatures, loads, movements and pressure.

Clamshell Expansion Joints

Clamshell expansion joints are products that allow field repair of failed bellows without extensive disruption of operation. Clamshell expansion joints install in two halves. Lortz has the experience to provide the hardware and installation.

Penetration Seal Expansion Joints

Penetration Seal Expansion Joints are specifically designed for boiler and heat exchanger penetration seals.

Turbine Cross-over Refurbishment

Lortz has experience in refurbishing turbine crossover expansion joints.

Extraction Steam Expansion Joints

These expansion joints are used in piping from the turbine in power plants. They present special challenges due to their location and environment.

Ducting & Piping Integrated Expansion Joints

Take advantage of Lortz’s capability of supplying expansion joints integrated into new ducting and piping.